Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM Treatments Offered

Even when a surgery is performed technically perfect, there is a known level of failure due to your body not healing properly. This may entail failure of the hardware used or a wound issue, possibly the soft tissue repair might fail as well. Unfortunately, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures may fail due to what ends up being a “hostile, non-healing environment.”


These surgical failures often leave patients in increased pain, inability to function or work properly, and potentially in need of a revision. How to prevent this from happening?


Adding regenerative material to the surgical site that includes stem cells, cytokines, growth factors, etc can turn the “non-healing environment” into a highly favorable one. This facilitates proper spinal fusion, or soft tissue healing, scar reduction, and a faster recovery.


Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM offers procedures using top of the line regenerative materials with expert doctors at Certified surgery centers. Click on your specific body area below for more specific information!

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