Better, Faster, Safer Recovery with Regenerative Medicine!


Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM is the latest revolutionary introduction into helping improve outcomes with potentially risky surgeries. These risks range from devastating infection to scar tissue or failure to heal, which may necessitate a revision surgery.


What if your surgery included an insurance covered regenerative material that would help accelerate your recovery and decrease potential short or long term complications? One that has absolutely minimal risk and is performed by top Board Certified neurosurgery or orthopedic specialists?


Part of the Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM Certification Process involves vetting the surgeons for Board Certification, patient reviews, infection rates and insurances accepted. In addition, we vet the surgery centers for appropriate accreditation and licensing. The surgery centers and providers are taught protocols for handling and utilizing the FDA regulated regenerative biologics.


In addition, the providers and Centers offer a thorough benefits verification, so patients understand exactly what is being covered and whether any out of pocket monies will be necessary. The biologic materials are covered as part of the procedures.


Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM has also put together a Consumer Guide to Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Regenerative Cell Therapy so that patients can obtain considerable knowledge on the materials if desired.


All of this has been put into place so that patients can rest assured knowing that their interests are being protected.

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